Why Inter can “hurt” City with a potential Champions League win


The reasons why the final of the Champions League between Manchester City and Inter, in Istanbul, it’s not… a play with one protagonistexplained Marco Negri.

The former Rangers striker and current specialist striker coach emphasizes how the “citizens” do not play alone and an eventual conquest of the precious trophy from Simone Inzaghi’s team, it will hurt the English team’s friends more.

Manchester City have spent huge sums, have world class players and the best manager at the moment, Pep Guardiola,” he initially said in his posting. “Winning the Champions League is an obligation for them. They have to take it to Manchester and have a lot to lose».

On the other hand, we have Inter, for whom only participation in the final was a dream. It will be something special for them to win the trophy. They have nothing to lose. The mentality of the Inter players is different. The pressure is all on the City camp, since Inter are the underdogs of the final“, he added.

And it continues: “However, Inter also has great footballers. There is a mixture of old and new players, such as Bastoni and Barela, and experienced footballers, such as Lukaku, Dzeko and Brozovic. It’s in peak condition right now. He was struggling for results from the beginning of the season, but now he is at a very high level. At the same time, they have enormous self-confidence. They have runs, and they can score. They are playing very nice football at the moment»

Negri concludes his analysis: “City have a squad of 25 super players. But 11 can play in the final. Money doesn’t play that big of a role in a single, 90-minute game. Inter have a great opportunity ahead of them and they will face their opponent with respect but without fear. They will try to win».

Source: Sport Fm

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