‘Blackmail’: Conor McGregor’s response to woman’s sexual assault allegations


Former mixed martial arts (MMA) champion Conor McGregor was responding to the release of video showing him leading the woman who accused him of sexual assault into the Miami Heat’s courtroom bathroom during last week’s NBA Finals.

In a statement issued following reports that the former UFC champion “forced (the woman) to give him oral sex”the veteran athlete’s legal team says the allegations constitute simple “extortion» after the woman “change her story.”

The woman claimed that the Irishman her forced to perform oral sex in the VIP bathroom at Miami’s Kaseya Center before spitting on her. He also claimed that Mr McGregor spat on himself ‘while trying to get horny’.

The woman’s lawyer told DailyMail.com that she went to the police on Sunday to report the incident, but was turned away, and advised to “get legal help”.

On Thursday, the woman returned to the police station with her lawyer and gave police the clothes she was wearing the night of the alleged incident, which she believes have McGregor’s DNA – from saliva and ejaculate – on them.

The video appeared on TMZ, and appears to show McGregor walking through a crowd before speaking to a woman. He is then seen taking her hand and leading her into the bathroom – flanked by security guards – with the door closing behind them. As soon as he enters the bathroom with her, the door closes, not allowing anyone else to enter the space.

Both Miami police and the NBA team Miami Heat, tenants of the Kaseya Center, are conducting their own investigations. It is noted that on Wednesday it was learned that the veteran athlete and his fiancee Dee Devlin are expecting their fourth child.

Source: skai.gr

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