Shock in Portugal: 47 footballers were detained illegally, 36 were minors!

Shock in Portugal: 47 footballers were detained illegally, 36 were minors!

A shocking news comes to light from the Portugal! Specifically, traffickers were illegally holding 47 football players in a training center, with 36 of them being minors.

These are people from Africa, Asia and South Americawith authorities locating two Portuguese traffickers and arrest them.

The football players were detained in the complex of a football school near the Famalikaowhile rumors suggest that there may be many more victims.

At the same time, nothing has been known for the moment about the motive of the perpetrators, while the local media claim that the suspects include Mario Costaits president Portuguese Football Federation. THE Costa he denies doing anything illegal, but has resigned from his position.

The Minister of Youth and Sports, Joao Paulo Correacharacterized the illegal detention of the football players “unacceptable and shocking”. He said the treatment of the footballers was very bad, they were beaten and their human rights were violated. The politician assured that measures will be taken to combat human trafficking in sports.

According to Portuguese media, the young men were lured to her area Braga with promises of football contracts with top clubs after training at an educational institution in Portugal. At the same time, their parents were paying an amount from 600 to 1300 euros for their children to achieve their dreams, while the children had surrendered their passports and were not allowed to travel.

Source: Sport Fm

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