Pineda deified Almeida and… Milos, while answering that he doesn’t know where he will play next year!


THE Orbelin Pineda he was one of the faces that attracted attention this season. A football player we didn’t know, but Matias Almeida brought to AEK and… gouged out. Now, the question is whether the Union will manage to keep him or the Mexican midfielder will end up elsewhere, since several teams are interested.

Somehow, speaking to “Azteca Deportes” he was asked to play in a game of quick questions and answers.

Among other things, he was asked about Matias Almeida, the place one must visit in Greece, but also the top footballer for him. When the time came for him to answer about his future, he said that he didn’t know either.

-Which part of Greece do you recommend we visit?

“The Apple! It is an island with great beaches”

-Who would you like to play against in the Champions League?

“Against Real Madrid”.

-What would you buy with 100 pesos?

“Hot Candies”

-What position do you like to play?

“Medium to extremes and a little like a dime”

-We have seen you as a goalkeeper…

“In training, I like it!”

-The best player of all time?


-Favorite Mexican food?


-Where will you play next year?

“I don’t know…(laughs)”

-What does Matias Almeida mean to your career?

“A humble man, hardworking, passionate about what he does and loves Mexicans.”

Source: Sport Fm

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