Giannakopoulou’s “Bombs” against Papagiannis and Itoudis


His anger at her agreement of Giorgos Papagiannis with Fenerbahce he expressed via Instagram Dimitris Giannakopoulos. The powerful man of KAE Panathinaikos accuses the international center essentially of ingratitude and taunting, stressing that he did what his parents told him.

Alongside directly accused Dimitris Itoudiscoach of Fener (and the national team) for his stance on the Papagiannis case, but also why won’t he let tyler dorsey go to the shamrock.

I don’t know what else to expect in my life. I’ve seen them all now. Your parents bring your 15-year-old child to your home, they tell you ‘we leave him in your hands, take care of him’. For eight or nine years you have never supported any other athlete like him, maybe apart from Nikos Pappa. He should be the first one you want to sign from April, make him proposals of 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 million euros a year, even though he has not had good seasons, because you want him here and because you love him. Let him wait for you for 4-5 months, keep telling you 1.3-1.7 for two years, in the end accept it. Say ok and when you tell him he says ‘you know, I said yes to Itoudis, but the right thing is to stay here. Give me five minutes to inform Itoudis.’ You send him the contracts, you wait, he’s gone at 6 in the morning and instead of receiving the contracts they tell you ‘my mom and dad won’t let me stay at Panathinaikos. They want me to go to Itoudis, because they are giving me 200 thousand euros more.’ Anyway… Good luck George“, he pointed out, while he also left tips for the player’s father, Kanello Papagianni.

Then Dimitris Giannakopoulos… included Dimitris Itoudis. “Because right and truth are two fighters who have never lost, you Dimitrakis who were here for 13 years, you became a man, suddenly where the athlete had no offer from anywhere in all of Europe, a maximum offer of 700 thousand, completely by chance, having made partnership with his agent, as all of Greece and Turkey know, you go and make an offer of 1.6 million euros, to share the managerial duties. For an athlete we want to get (s.s. means Dorsey), who has come and told you ‘I don’t like playing for you’, you don’t let him go when you learn that he wants to come to Panathinaikos. If he wanted to go elsewhere, you would let him“, he said.

Source: Sport Fm

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