Bizounis’ memorandum to the EPO on Baltakou’s compensation: “It violates essential rules”


A position on the issue of compensation for Takis Baltakos was taken by Dionysia Bitzounis. The chairman of the Audit Committee, Governance and Compliance sent a memorandum to its members Executive Committee of the EPO, regarding the compensation that has been requested by the president of the Federation and the decision that has been taken. In this memorandum, he comments on the decision saying that it “suffers from invalidity” and that it violates essential rules of the federation’s operating statute.

Dionysia Bizounis states in detail in her memorandum:

“In conclusion, the discussion that followed the proposal of Mr. Sarigiannidis and the decision taken, following a vote, in accordance with the express provisions of articles 25 par. 1 and 28 par. 3 of the Statute, suffers from invalidity, as it violates essential rules of the Statute regarding operation of the Federation and lawful decision-making of the General Assembly.

As a consequence of the above, there is the risk of insulting the validity of the decision of the General Assembly before the Courts and the involvement of the Federation in an endless legal battle, which can only damage the prestige of the Federation and all this at the altar of the interests of Mr. President .

What impression would those present on behalf of UEFA and FIFA get from the President’s fervent fight to be compensated by any means and means, while at the same time the Audit, Governance and Compliance Committee, which was set up at the behest of UEFA’s holistic study on control of the Federation’s organs, she was “silenced” and was not allowed to present the findings of her work to the competent persons.

We remind you that he has also taken a stand on the issue Olympicwho a few days ago had sent an extrajudicial letter, underlining that if the EPO Executive Committee accepts the request of its president then it will take legal action.

Source: Sport Fm

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