Espoo 2023: Bronze medal in the 800m. for Despolari


He won the bronze medal in the 800m. the Georgia Despolaris at the U23 European Championship in Espoo, Finland.

The Greek athlete showed from the first meters of the race that she was in to claim even the gold medal. After the first 200m she led the race, but even when she started to lose ground in the 500m she lost neither her composure nor her confidence.

The athlete of Michalis Anagnostou, 200 m before the final and while she was in sixth place, started to pick up the pace and finally in the final stretch she overtook her opponents and finished solemnly in third place. The Greek was the youngest athlete in today’s final and will have the opportunity to return for a new distinction in two years at the 15th event.

Today’s was the country’s first medal in the history of the event and the first in this event. In recent months, the 20-year-old has managed to show that, in addition to talent, she has mental reserves that allow her to stand tall in major events. Today she achieved the second performance of her career behind her personal best of 2.02.31 in a tactical race, in which a new personal best would not be easy to come by. The best performance of our country in the history of the event was the sixth place of Elena Filandra in 2005 in Erfurt.

With Despolari’s medal, our country won the 31st medal in the history of the event since 1997, when the event began in Turku, and the 10th bronze.

The gold medal was won by Daniela Garcia (Spain) with 2.02.96 and the silver n Vera Matila (Finland) with 2.03.14. The winner in the previous event Wilma Nielsen he was sixth with 2.04.66.

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