Oikonomou: “We want clean football, with transparency and fair play”


Her government determination to protect professional sports and therefore professional football is announced by Giannis Oikonomou in his letter in which he responds to a letter from Vangelis Marinakis, taking a position for the first time in the match-fixing case.

THE Deputy Minister of Sports underlines the desire to have a football clean with transparency and fair play, and adds… “Ahead of the start of the new competitive year, we are fully prepared to work together with the sports corporations for the good of Greek sports in general.”

He states in detail in his letter…

“In response to your letter No. Prot. 3283 / 13.07.2013, I would like to first of all point out that we approach the case you refer to with due responsibility and institutionality, as well as any issue that touches Greek sports.

In the recent three-day debate in Parliament on the Government’s Programmatic Statements, I pointed out that our main objective is to protect competitive and professional sport from any form of manipulation and threat to its integrity.

To this end, our Ministry – within the framework of its responsibilities – actively and quickly assists the Greek Justice in the investigation and clarification of every issue that arises, let alone that of illegal betting. This certainly also applies to a case like the one you refer to, for which we expect the fastest possible decision.

As the start of professional football competitions is imminent, the prolonged rumor causes wider disruption and negatively affects the credibility of an activity with a wide economic and social impact.

It is also my commitment and my principle to pursue policies always with a commitment to legality, as defined by Greek and European institutions and rules, with a sense of responsibility and absolute respect for the independent Greek Judiciary, without of course any interference in its work .

At this stage, the Greek Justice is the only and exclusively competent to handle such an issue and to rule on any complaints.

As long as the judicial authorities come to a conclusion and the Court of Justice decides that there are responsibilities, the football institutions must act competently and immediately on the evidence that the Court will transmit to them.

The quality of the sports spectacle, especially in its top professional manifestations, is a major issue for our society and the international image of the country. It often determines social behaviors and life attitudes, especially among the youth, while at the same time influencing the way the world views and evaluates us as a country.

It is our firm belief, therefore, that professional football, and professional sport in general, must be governed by the principles of integrity, honesty and responsibility.

We are determined to protect professional sports from malign phenomena and to actively contribute to Greek football unleashing its potential, to be upgraded internationally, to maximize the return on investment and for fans to enjoy a high-level spectacle. We want clean football, with transparency and fair play.

In view of the start of the new competitive year, we are all ready to work together with the sports corporations for the good of Greek sports in general.

And of course, we remain at the disposal of the Cooperative of which you preside and of all its member teams, so that we can listen to your opinions and seek synergies for the further upgrading of your football product”.

Source: Sport Fm

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