Prometheus announced the departure of Tanoulis and becomes an Olympiakos player!


THE Prometheus bid him farewell George Tanouliswho promotes his “red and white”. Olympiakou!

The team of Patras announced the departure of the 21-year-old center, as the Greek champions paid the buy-out for his purchase and all that remains is the announcements for him to officially become a player of his team Giorgos Bartzokas.

THE Tanoulis he found himself in Prometheus at the age of 18, was called up to the Men’s National Team and with the progress he showed he was transferred to Olympiakos and the sixth Greek on the roster ahead of the new season.

The announcement of Prometheus of Patras:

Giorgos Tanoulis became a member of the family of Prometheus Patras in September 2020, at the age of 18, being a great, but “unripe” talent, but with an obvious perspective of development. Just as his structured and strong character was evident, his will and stubbornness, which combined with the methodical nature of the Prometheus program for the development of young Greek players, were the guarantees for him to develop as an athlete and become an international player with the Men’s National Team of our country.

We as Prometheus wish him the best in his career and we will always be proud of him, as for every child who grew up playing basketball in our team’s ranks!

Source: Sport Fm

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