Dele Alli’s mother completely denies: “Everything he said was a lie”!


THE Hey Ali had moved the world football community with what he said in the interview he recently gave to the show “Overlap” and Gary Neville. However, his mother does not share the same feelings.

The former Tottenham and now Everton midfielder spoke with admirable courage and candor about the hardships he experienced in his childhood. Among other things, the Englishman had mentioned the sexual abuse he suffered from his alcoholic mother’s partner at the age of six, the drugs he sold on his bicycle when he was 8, the family that adopted him and the rehab center he attended he came in a few weeks ago to kick his addiction to sleeping pills.

The woman who gave birth to him, however, considers these words of her son to be a product of the brainwashing he has undergone, while he stated unequivocally that not a word of what Dele told Neville is true. “Dele was never adopted by anyone“, were her first words in the interview she gave to the French OJBSPORT.

At the age of 7 he was enrolled in one of the best schools in Lagos. He was never sent to Africa to learn discipline. This is a blatant lie. He had a driver, who brought him every day from school. We have all the evidence that shows Dele with his father when he was a child. He has been brainwashed“, he added.

Editor: Andreas Alibertis

Source: Sport Fm

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