Ketsetzoglou: “Almeida wants Araouho – Freeze Alexandropoulos – Livai’s price is at 30 million”


THE AEK keeps the issue of Nestor Araujo open, but has “struck” even higher… higher, as pointed out by Kostas Ketsetzoglou on News Bulletin 247.

AEK has made its proposal to America for Araujo and in Mexico they say that it was accepted and that they are just waiting to get his replacement. AEK does not confirm an agreement, but wants the player. Moved on for Valladolid’s Sanchez but broke down at the last minute. AEK also knocked on the doors of some players who hardly come to Greece. For such cases, you should wait and when the conditions are right to ‘strike’. I don’t know if he will wait or proceed to finish the transfer of Araujo, which as they say in Mexico is going to be done on the terms of AEK. The case has been handled by Almeida, he is very wanted and he is a player who raises the level of the defense if he comes“, he said.

As for the case of Sotiris Alexandropoulos? “Indeed, AEK had looked at cases of players like Alexandropoulos, because they wanted a 6-8. But everything shows that for reasons not related to finances, he probably won’t go ahead because the player himself has two reservations: one to return to Greece only a year after his departure and the other that after a difficult year in Sporting he wants to go to a team that will be able to give him a starting position. For this matter, it has been frozen for AEK and I don’t see it thawing. AEK is full in these positions. Contact has also been made with other young midfielders, but it is not excluded that the position will be taken by Lamarana, who has prepared very well“, write down.

Finally, regarding the interest in Levia Garcia and the possibility of AEK acquiring another team, he said:The price of Garcia has exceeded 20 million, I think it has reached 30 million euros! Otherwise he does not give it. AEK has no need, has not entered, built its stadium and does not owe a euro. There is no need for PAE to sell out. I believe that AEK will try until the end of the transfer period to take a chance on the characteristics of Garcia or Bakabou».

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Source: Sport Fm

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