Christodoulopoulos: “Let’s give the… slogan to the world”


Lazaros Christodoulopoulos sent a message about the first “battle” of Aris against Dynamo Kyiv through the usual press conference.

At this level, there are no easy games, let alone against a historic team like Dynamo Kyiv. From match to match we become better, with his help and as long as we give the… signal to bring them closer to us. It’s a very difficult game, the level is high. We were prepared to test our strength against Dynamo Kyiv. At this level every mistake is punished, it takes concentration from the first minute to hit the opponent’s weaknesses. The world can only help, every day we are improving and we must act as… one“, the experienced ace initially said.

The 36-year-old midfielder then said: “The pressure in the previous game was there, to get to where we are. The name of Mars was not to be included in an exclusion list from Ararat. It was an important qualification but we don’t stop here. We have a great opportunity to show who we are. Dinamo may not be the team of the past but they are still a big name. There is pressure but we have to make it creative».

Source: Sport Fm

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