Dinamo Zagreb-AEK: Responds with football so that “Union” can take the first step!


Tonight, AEK hosts Dinamo Zagreb in Croatia for the first game of the third qualifying round of the Champions League (15/8, 21:00, sport-fm.gr, bwinSPORT FM 94, 6).

The “Union” is called upon to…overcome what happened last week in New Philadelphia, which resulted in the death of Michalis Katsouris, and to compete with the goal of victory, but also for the memory of her 29-year-old friend, in order to take the first step towards qualifying for the Champions League playoffs.

“I am a person who is saddened by such events. I am a person who left home at the age of 15 and the truth is that I like there to be peace in the world. We were both happy teams for our debut in the qualifiers. Of course we are sorry for what happened, for the family, it is something sad. Football is on the one hand, violence is something I don’t like. I don’t want to make it look small. I don’t like it in my country, not anywhere.” stated, among other things, at the press conference Matias Almeida.

In the competitive part, the “Union” does not face injury problems, since the Araujo-Vida have returned to full speed, while the latter is very likely to start in the original form as well.

“We know it’s a tragedy, but we’re footballers, we came here to play football.” commented on the part of Jens Jonsson, making it clear that everyone in the team must find the mental fortitude to face the situation and give their best.

On the other hand, the Croats will also present themselves armors, since they have not proceeded with any sale of a football player, despite the interest of several teams for many of its players. At the same time, Dinamo fans are expected to fill the “Maximir”, as it is very likely that it will be announced sold out.

“Before we go to the football, I would like to express my condolences to the family of the man who was killed. My condolences to all those who experienced consequences for themselves or their loved ones in this tragedy.” the team’s coach initially said at the press conference, Igor Bischan, to continue:

“AEK is a serious, experienced team, full of international players, players in serious national teams. They won the championship and the cup against serious teams in Greece by chance. Tomorrow (or tonight) we have a very, very difficult job.”

Possible lineups:

Dinamo Zagreb (Igor Bišan): Livakovic, Moharami, Ristovski, Sutalo, Ljubicic, Bulat, Misic, Spikic, Butarina, Ivanusec, Petkovic.

AEK (Matias Almeida): Stankovic, Rota, Vida, Mukudi, Hadjisafi, Szymanski, Jonson, Amrabad, Pineda, Zuber, Levia.

Referee: Joao Pinheiro (Portugal)

Source: Sport Fm

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