Gold in AEK’s coffers from the qualification over Dinamo!

Gold in AEK’s coffers from the qualification over Dinamo!

Her qualification AEK in the playoffs of the Champions League is not only a huge competitive success, but also brings great income to the coffers of PAE, with the prospect of even more if it enters the groups of the Champions League and not those of the Europa League.

“Union” will give minimum eight more European games this season, with the number certainly likely to rise depending on the team’s run. Already the “yellow and black” have secured income from Europe which exceed 10 million euros and if they are eliminated in the playoffs of the Champions League, then they will exceed 20 million euros.

In the dream scenario of qualifying for the Champions League groups, AEK is automatically rewarded by UEFA with 15.64 million euros regardless of results. In addition, there every win brings 2.8 million and every draw 900 thousand euros! If, however, a team advances, even larger participation bonuses are foreseen, 9.6 million for the “16”, 10.6 million for the “8”, 12.5 million for the semi-finals and 20 million for the winner but also 15.5 million for the loser of the final. To this money are added those of the market pool and the system of the 10-year presence in the European competitions, which throw up another amount. In particular, the team from the 32 groups with the lowest coefficient of European rating in the last decade will have received 1.137 million euros, the penultimate this amount twice and so on.

If AEK does not manage to enter the groups in the Champions League playoffs, it will collect – before move in the Europa League – a very “solid”… compensation, in the order of 5 million euros (!), while he will also have to wait for the considerable income of the Europa League.

For the time being, AEK has secured the Europa League minimums, which do not pay the “crazy” money of the Champions League, but offer enough money. Specifically, with the presence in the groups alone, it will reap 3.63 million euros, regardless of results. There, each win is rewarded by UEFA with 630 thousand and each draw with 210 thousand euros. The first of each group (which goes directly to the “16”) has received 1.1 million and the second (which will play an additional knockout round with one of the third groups of the Champions League) 550 thousand euros. From there, if a team is eliminated in the extra knockout round they get 550 thousand, if eliminated in the “16” 1.2 million, if eliminated in the “8” 1.8 million euros, if eliminated in the semi-finals 2, 8 million and reaching the final the winner receives 8.6 million and the loser 4.6 million.

Since AEK are third in the Europa League groups, they will be transferred to the Conference League where they will challenge for their presence in the “16” in a round against one of the second teams of the Conference League groups. There, the participation in the qualification match before the “16” phase is rewarded with 300 thousand euros, in the “16” with 600 thousand, in the quarter-finals with 1 million, in the semi-finals with 2 million and in the final with 3 million, with the winner collecting an additional €2 million.

To all this revenue, add that from tickets at the Opap Arena, even if the vast majority of seats are allocated to season tickets.

Source: Sport Fm

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