With 5 athletes and 4 athletes in the Balkan male-female championship


A large delegation of 5 male and 4 female athletes will be displayed by the Greek table tennis team at the men’s-women’s Balkan championship, which will be held in Albena, Bulgaria from September 2 to 6. E.F.O.E.P.A. announces the composition for the first competitive activity of our national teams in the period 2023-2024 and it consists of the athletes Konstantinos Konstantinopoulos, George Konstantinopoulos, Tasos Riniotis, Gerasimos Chatzilygeroudis, Nikos Antoniadis and the athletes Malamatenia Papadimitriou, Aliki Kioufi, Dimitra-Thomais Tsekouras and Ioanna Gerasimatou. Two federal coaches will be on the benches. In the men’s team, the regional coach, in charge of the Patras team, Sotiris Zikos, and in the women’s team, the national federal coach, in charge of the SEF team, Giorgos Karytsas.

The Balkan Senior Table Tennis Championships 2023 is hosted and organized by the Bulgarian Table Tennis Federation under the umbrella of the sport’s Balkan Union. It is the 48th in history (BTTU also counts the years of the Under 21 championships) and will be held at Sports Hall Albena.

The championship includes all events, namely men’s team, women’s team, singles and doubles in the same categories, as well as mixed doubles. Classically, the team will open the program on Saturday 02/09 and the relevant draw will be held one day before. On Sunday 03/09, the individual draws will follow. The senior Balkan championship returned in 2022 in Bosnia and Herzegovina with our men’s national team winning the bronze medal. Antoniadis and Hatzilygeroudis were also on the mission then (Zikos was also on the coaching team), while it should be added that the composition of the national women’s team is exactly the same as last year.

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