Tedoglou: “The last jump was for 8.70m. – I’m happy, but I could have set a record”


THE Miltos Tedoglou made an impressive final jump of 8.52m to win the gold medal at the World Athletics, leaving second Pinnock!

In his statements, however, the Greek champion was anything but… pleased. Not that he wasn’t happy, but he wanted even more, as he pointed out that his last jump could have been a personal record if he hadn’t made a mistake that he said “will remember it forever”.

In detail what he said:

“Last year I promised that I would do much better. The race was much more difficult than almost any I have participated in and I finally managed to take the win. Last year I was not well, it was a bad race for me, a bad day. I had no excuse tonight. It was an uphill battle, but I tried my best. I wasn’t comfortable. After the third jump, my legs started to feel bad, like they were cramping, so I was late to do the big jump. I had to test the legs, see if I was okay and on the last jump I went in to do it, since I didn’t hurt before. It was difficult for me, but I managed it

My goal was to do something more. My legs didn’t leave me, the climate didn’t leave me. It was very hot, very humid, I can’t breathe, I want more water. The jump was for 8.70, but I left my feet in the sand and that’s why I got nervous. I realized it was over 8.40 and got angry because it was for 8.70m. I said ‘I’m wrong’, which I may remember forever. I’m happy to win, but I could have set a record. In the last jump it is clearly seen that I leave the legs on the landing, I don’t know why. I just wanted something better because I was in great shape. What can we do, that’s how racing is. You never know what will happen. I am very happy today”

{“@context”:”http://schema.org”,”@type”:”VideoObject”,”name”:”Μ. Τεντόγλου: «Θύμωσα στο τελευταίο άλμα – Μπορούσα να κάνω 8.70, θα το θυμάμαι για πάντα»”,”description”:”Οι δηλώσεις του Παγκόσμιου Πρωταθλητή στο άλμα εις μήκος, Μίλτου Τεντόγλου, μετά την κατάκτηση του χρυσού μεταλλίου.”,”thumbnailUrl”:”https://imthumbs.glomex.com/dC1ibHU1bnRqdHo4bDUvMjAyMy8wOC8yNC8yMC8wOV8wNV82NGU3YjhlMWVkMDFkLmpwZw==/profile:player-960×540″,”duration”:”PT4M57S”,”uploadDate”:”2023-08-24T20:12:37.000Z”,”embedUrl”:”https://player.glomex.com/integration/1/iframe-player.html?integrationId=eexbs13jtbwtdve&playlistId=v-cv11km6pwb69″,”provider”:{“@type”:”Organization”,”name”:”glomex GmbH”,”logo”:{“@type”:”ImageObject”,”url”:”https://player.glomex.com/[email protected]”,”width”:136,”height”:146}},”expires”:”2023-12-30T22:00:00.000Z”,”regionsAllowed”:”GR”}

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