Official: 19-year-old Gabry Veiga to Al Ahly!


At Saudi Arabia will definitively continue his career o Gabriel Vega! The 19-year-old midfielder, although he had many proposals from European teams, with the biggest one being hers Naplesdecided to throw them all away and fill his bank account with…petrodollars!

Somehow, h Al Ahly announced its acquisition by Want topaying an amount around 40 million euros to the Spanish club, while announcing it with an impressive video and caption… “the jewel of Spain will sing our slogans.”

O Vega signed a three-year contract until the summer of 2026, while… greatly multiplies the money which he will receive. At Telta he had a contract of 500 thousand euros per year, while in Saudi Arabia he will receive 12.5 million euros per year.

Source: Sport Fm

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