Zivkovic: “Nothing has been decided – The qualification is important for both PAOK and me”


Andrija Zivkovic spoke about PAOK’s rematch with Hearts for the Europa Conference League playoffs. The Serbian striker referred to the team spirit that exists and the hot atmosphere expected in Toumba, stressing the great importance for him and the team of qualifying for the groups.

What Andrija Zivkovic said in detail at the press conference:

About whether PAOK is the favorite and whether there is anything that worries him in the second leg: “It looks easy, but it’s not and it won’t be. We are ready for the game, to win and qualify for the groups. Nothing is over, we have to fight to the end and be focused. We must be 200% prepared and give everything on the pitch.”

For his goals and performances in this start to the new season: “I’m very happy when I score and when I help the team, but without my teammates I wouldn’t be able to do anything. We are all together, a whole and everyone contributes. I am more happy because I am helping PAOK, congratulations must go to everyone. Only all of us together will be able to achieve things this year, but we have to continue at the same pace in the next games.”

On how he expects the rematch and if the goal has decided the qualification already: “Nothing has been decided. Of course we have a lead, we are playing at home and in front of our crowd who will be our 12th player, but there are still 90 minutes. We must and want to win this game as well. For our part, we must be ready and focused”

On how he sees Hearts and whether he now knows the opposition better: “We have already played a match between us, we know the opponent better now. It will be a strong game, we expect that as in Scotland. We are ready to give everything.”

For the atmosphere in Toumba: “You will see the atmosphere in the stadium tomorrow and you will understand. The fans of the team give us… crazy support. It’s fantastic to play in Tuba always, everything is perfect. Our fans always support us and you will see that it is very difficult to play as an opponent of PAOK in our stadium”.

On whether his role changed and became more aggressive compared to last year: “We are creating more chances this year and scoring more. I am here to help the team in all areas. Circumstances brought me closer to the goal, nothing has changed. What I’m thinking about is helping the team as much as I can.”

For the one new contract and if he has it in the back of his mind: “Let’s talk exclusively about the game, please. I want to be committed to the Hearts game, I really want this qualification. It is important for the team and for me. When the time comes we will also discuss the matter of the new contract, for now the match against Hearts takes precedence.”

Source: Sport Fm

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