Poget: “Be brave against Holland – It’s a key game, but…”


Gustavo Poget gave the slogan ahead of Greece’s match with the Netherlands at the usual press conference. The Uruguayan coach emphasized that his team must present themselves bravely in Eindhoven, stressing that this is a key game.

What he said in detail

It will be a key game. The end will not come if we do not get a positive result. But if we succeed it will have a big and positive impact.

The answer depends on one small thing. A potential injury that might make us think about it. Depending on how the team will be set up. We will be under a lot of pressure, especially at the beginning. We must be men and brave. You will understand when we can say more.

When I was at the draw and saw the situation I was not so optimistic. But looking at it now if we manage to get a positive result it will be a huge step forward for the team.

Based on that I told you if we have the player – that I told you before – we will be able to take the risk. We didn’t do well with France in the first round. The team then kept calm and organized. We want a balanced game tomorrow and to be good and aggressive enough for a good result

It has nothing to do with picks and calls. We have not been affected by this discussion. The team knows what we are doing. Everything has remained within the team. The door is always open. We have the best possible players to represent us and we will show that tomorrow night».

About Koeman and what he said:Knowing Koeman he has not done such a thing (he means in terms of his statements). He has analyzed the team, as we have analyzed the Netherlands. We are a difficult opponent but tomorrow we will have to be at a top level. To see a great game in a great stadium and with a great atmosphere».

For Greek fans:It was one of the first steps. Getting wins to reconnect with the fans. In the end I hope they leave happy with a positive result».

Source: Sport Fm

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