Blind Football: The friendly match in memory of the victims of theomenia and Antonis is a draw 0-0


The friendly blind football match between the Greek men’s national team and the Romanian team, at the EAK Mikras stadium, in Thessaloniki, ended with a “white” draw 0-0.

The friendly match was held as part of the preparation of the National blind men’s football team, in view of its participation in the “Intercontinental Cup” (India 23/9-3/10).

It was held behind closed doors and was dedicated to the memory of the victims of the disaster and the deceased 36-year-old Antonis, who drowned in the port of Piraeus. A minute’s silence was held before the start, in their memory and for the same reason, the players of both teams wore black armbands throughout the match.

The National team entered the first half somewhat “frozen”, trying to find a rhythm, against a good team like Romania. They created some phases but were unable to score a goal.

In the 2nd half, the pace picked up and with the changes made, all the players were used, the internationals managed to create phases and score a goal, in the last phase of the match, in the last seconds, but it was considered out of time, as the time had expired race.

The friendly match is considered the last test of the National Blind Football Team, before it leaves for India, where it will face its current opponent.

Blind Football: The friendly match is tied 0-0

Source: Sport Fm

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