Pelkas on “We reacted, we will not let what we have built dissolve”


The national team turned the page after the poor performance against the Netherlands, doing its “debt” to Gibraltar.

The blue and white prevailed 5-0 at the OPAP Arenaachieving her most comfortable victory in recent years and her first with a five goal difference after 16 years. The protagonists in this were Dimitris Pelkas, who had 1 goal, 1 assist and 1 beam, but also overall a very full performance, since he passed through the legs to a large extent everything good that Greece produced creatively, as well as Black cloth by Masurawith the West Ham stopper and the Olympiakos winger scoring two goals each.

The ace of Basaksehir now, Dimitris Pelkaswho showed how much better it can work when racing on the axle rather than the “wings”, spoke to and the Apostoli Livanio shortly after his excellent presence with the blue and white, which he wore for the 32nd time, reaching 3 goals and 5 assists.

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What we have done in the last two years and more with this group that we are all together and what we have built so far we did not want to let it fall apart with a bad performance, with a big defeat“, said the 30-year-old ace, who referred to what was said in the dressing room after the 3-0 in Eindhoven. “The matches against France and the Netherlands are a lesson for us“, emphasizes international attacking midfielder.

In detail what he stated on

The national team reacted after the bad night in the Netherlands, how did you experience the game, what are your thoughts?

We wanted to get a reaction and we got a reaction. We scored a lot of goals, we could have scored more goals. OK, the opponent was not of high potential, but we were the ones we had to be, we showed up serious and 100% focused. We showed will from the first minute, to score a goal and another goal and another, to write a big score, because in the end the goals may also count, you never know. We continue, we have very important matches ahead of us».

How did you deal with these days after the Eindhoven match, what did the coach say to you, what did you say in the dressing room? What was the first goal, apart from winning today?

We talked to the players in general, but also to the coach. What we have done in the last two years and more with this group that we are all together and what we have built so far, we did not want to let it fall apart with a bad performance, with a big defeat. In quotes it was an expected defeat, as we were playing in the Netherlands, which is a superpower of world football, as is France. We analyzed it, we said that everything happened and when the second match against the Netherlands comes we will see how we will deal with that game. We said that we had in front of us a match which does not mean anything but victory and if we could with a big score. We managed to do that today and we have two finals ahead of us».

How do you envisage your task, which is difficult anyway, with France and the Netherlands in the group? You know it’s a tough mission and no one is going to say it’s a failure if you don’t qualify.

Look, now and in the Euro if we go we will have to face similar teams. That is, Holland, France, Croatia, groups like that. So these games are definitely a lesson. You gain experience, you become stronger, wiser so that when those games come again you can face them differently and be more prepared».

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How are you living the first period in Basaksehir?

In general it is good, very good, although competitively we did not start well in the games. The coach has changed, the new one has just arrived. However, we have good players and a good team. I believe we will work our way through it».

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