Poget: “Argentina and Uruguay should host the 100-year World Cup”


The certainty that the Uruguay should accommodate the World Cup 2030 expressed the Gustavo Poget.

The coach of the Greek National Team made statements stating that if “celeste” cannot organize such a tournament on its own, then it would be ideal to do it with Argentina.

Argentina and Uruguay are to host the centenary World Cup. I find it natural that Uruguay could be the perfect place to host the event in 2030. Do we have the capacity as a country to host the World Cup? No. Therefore, we have to share it with someone next to us, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay. The problem is that I remember a long time ago when someone told me that football without politics does not exist, it is dead. We are so dependent on the politics of the country. Until the politicians agree, football will not unite. So I think it would be a shame if it doesn’t happen in Uruguay, at least one group, maybe two groups“, initially said the Uruguayan and continued:

I think it’s hard to become a world champion, it takes four years and if you don’t win it, you have to wait another four years. It’s like the Olympics, it’s not like you can get another chance for two years“, he added in his statements Poget.

Source: Sport Fm

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