In the hospital with a broken bone and bruises, the partner of Kevin Porter Jr.!


Another NBA player arrested for domestic violence as Kevin Porter Jr. is accused of beating his former WNBA player partner Kaiser Godrezik.

THE Porter returned early Monday morning from a night out at the Millenium Hotel in Times Square, where he was staying with her Godrezik. His partner was upset at his late return and locked the door. Once inside with the help of hotel security, Porter beat his partner, according to the charges against him.

In fact, NBA New York gives some more details, which are really shocking. Specifically, the Godrezik she was reportedly taken to the hospital with at least one broken bone and multiple bruises on her body. In fact, from a preliminary investigation, it became clear that “someone she knew hit her repeatedly on the body and put his hands around her neck”.

Source: Sport Fm

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