EPO: “An undoubted mistake, it had no practical consequence”


A position for the unimaginable blunder in which he fell and left four footballers (Kourbelis, Siopis, Mandalos, Tsimikas) out of the mission for the match with Gibraltar, thinking that they had completed the limit on yellow cards, was taken by the EPO.

After initially the Greek federation spoke of an undoubted mistake, then it emphasized that “had no practical consequence”.

Of course, there is a practical consequence since they did not “erase” their cards and if one of them receives a yellow card in the next match, he will lose the one that follows.

The announcement in detail:

Regarding publications referring to an error in the counting of yellow cards and by extension the punishment of international footballers, the EPO announces the following.

1. This is an undeniable mistake, as admitted by Kostas Konstantinidis, technical director and head of all the National Teams, and Takis Fyssas, sports director of the Men’s National Team, although this mistake had no practical consequence.

2. The Administration will investigate the issue taking into account the overall contribution of each player to Greek football and their special contribution to the National Team, and will decide on the course of action in the coming days.

Source: Sport Fm

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