Who… Cullens? Peruvian shamans employ ‘witchcraft’ to stop Neymar


Good o Alexander Cullens obtained by AEKbut it seems that he alone is not enough to stop the whole of Brazil in the confrontation with Peru in the wednesday mornings for the World Cup qualifiers. That’s why some compatriots of the 31-year-old stopper decided to take action.

Equipped with swords, amulets and a rag doll, approx ten Peruvian shamans they held a ceremony in Lima in an attempt to “neutralize” him Neymar, on the eve of the match with the “Seleção”. In traditional ponchos, these healers, from the mountains, the jungle and the coast, invoked “Tayta Inti” (a.k.a. Father Sun) and placed a rag doll over a photo of the Brazilian striker, tying his left leg and covering the right with a steel sword.

We neutralized Neymar by tying his feet. We tied him up so he wouldn’t have physical ability, he wouldn’t run and he wouldn’t play well“, the shaman, Félix Rodan, told Agence France-Presse.

An altar was erected for the occasion near the National Stadium in Lima, where Peru will face Brazil in the early hours of Wednesday (13/9). The shaman, Walter Alarcon, who also participated in this ancestral ceremony that supposedly weakened the “enemy”told AFP that it was to “cloud” the mind of the Brazilian striker.

Healers also placed thorn and shell plants on photos of other Brazilian national stars, such as Richardson and Casemiro. Before the ceremony, they gathered quantities of the hallucinogenic medicinal plant ayahuasca from the Amazon and as Alarcon estimates “the result will be favorable for Peru, we see a draw, but the match will be difficult».

Source: Sport Fm

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