Phelan on Ronaldo: “He lost the dressing room when he arrived”


In an interview at Sky Newsthe longtime assistant coach at Manchester United, Michael Phelan revealed, among other things, the background to his spectacular retirement Ronaldo from the club.

The common denominator of his presence in the British team was the two terms of the Portuguese star in the red devils.

The first time he came to the team, he knew he was going to be the best in the world. He was taking a ball by himself, separate from the team. In 2019 he came more mature and cheerful but with the same strong will“, he said about the 2003-04 season when he joined the English roster.

As argued by the reason that Ronaldo “lost” the locker room is none other than the high expectations he has of his teammates: “He did not want to drop his level of competition but for others to reach his level».

He still had very high standards and was amazing to work with but maybe a tougher mentality. Sometimes he pushed hard and there was not much response so he got frustrated“, added her 60-year-old former footballer United.

As for the current playing situation of the 38-year-old leading forward, he commented: “He is still playing internationally and is in Saudi Arabia where he is still scoring goals. He’s doing all the things we knew he could do in Manchester».

Edited by: Maria Sarafoglou

Source: Sport Fm

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