The Bolivians threw fireworks outside the hotel of the national team of Argentina!


By all means try to Bolivia to spoil the minds of its players Argentine national before the match between them for the 2nd matchday of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers (12/09, 23:00).

During the night, several Bolivians were outside the hotel where the “Albiceleste” are located. throwing dozens of fireworks with the ultimate purpose of waking up and disturbing his company Lionel Messi.

So far it is not known if the police made any arrests for disturbing the peace, a few hours before a rather special game since the headquarters of the Bolivian national team in La Paz is located at an altitude of 3600 meters, which makes the efforts of the opponents, who do not they are used to fighting in such conditions, quite difficult.

Let’s remember that the world champion’s mission, which arrived in the country yesterday for adaptation reasons, also has oxygen bottles in its luggage. These are individual bottles, which each football player has to oxygenate during the stay in La Paz, with the Alexis McAllister to publish a related story on Instagram.

Source: Sport Fm

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