Serbian doctor: “We were looking at 5 in the morning for blood for Simanic’s surgery. It took 2 liters”


Details regarding the life-saving surgery he underwent Borisa Simanic and saved his life, the doctor of her national team disclosed Serbia.

THE Dragan Radovanovic emphasized that the international forward’s kidney injury he seemed serious at firstwhile he also described the hours of anxiety in order to find the amount of blood required to perform the surgery.

From then on, the doctor of the representative group of the country mentioned that Simanic he will play basketball againit will just take some time to heal.

Five minutes after his injury, I saw some signs that he was serious. We immediately took him to the hospital, where due to heavy workload, we were not able to do the procedures quickly. At that moment there were no specialist doctors in the hospital, only some younger ones talking on the phones with older and more experienced doctors“, the Serbian national doctor initially stated on “TV K1” and added:

I insisted on a special examination immediately, as I knew it was a very serious injury. For their part, they sent videos to a urologist who was not present at the hospital. He insisted that we leave the hospital and repeat the examination the next day».

To continue: “I stayed with him all night in the hospital as his pain got worse and worse. There, they gave him strong painkillers and in such cases they are dangerous. I then urgently requested that he undergo further tests, which showed that he was bleeding profusely. Then the doctors came back with the results. There, we fight two important battles. Firstly, for his follow-up tests and secondly to manage to get him into surgery in time. During the surgery he lost close to two liters of blood».

On how blood was found to perform the surgery: “At 5 in the morning we were called and told that there was no blood for Borisha in the hospital, as he has a rare blood type. It has A negative. Then, we started looking for blood. None of us in the group had the same type, except for Bogdan Bogdanovic’s mother. The woman came directly with us and offered to give, but due to some procedures it was not possible to give. At one point they mentioned they would call the Red Cross. Since I am the president of the Red Cross of Serbia, I immediately contacted the Secretary General of the Red Cross of the country and within two hours we received the amount of blood we wanted for the surgery».

Source: Sport Fm

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