Bohorides: “Ares is my team and my home”


The management’s vision for the future, but also its presence Yannis Kastritis on the bench they convinced him Lefteris Bohorides to return to Mars.

The international guard, who is preparing for his third term in the Thessaloniki team, emphasized that the “yellows” are his “home”, while he also referred to the “warm” reception he received from everyone.

The situation is very different, especially my last term was the most difficult period, because the team was fighting for survival most of the time, so I am very happy I came to a very different environment. Let’s have health, let all the kids be good, let’s be able to be a team so we can be ready for the first game.

It’s a very nice feeling to return to the team you grew up with and to be welcomed like this is something unique. I will say it was a bit difficult because I wasn’t playing in that match, it was a bit strange I really wanted to play“, initially stated Lefteris Bohorides on the ERT camera.

On the reasons that led to his return: “Apart from the fact that Aris is my team and this will always be my home, I can say that the presence of coach Kastritis played the most important role, as well as the fact that the team will participate in the Eurocup and now the vision for team is very different».

Watch the video:

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Source: Sport Fm

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