Interruption in Romania-Kosovo for banners and slogans against Kosovars!


Her vacation of the match between Romania and Kosovo for the 6th matchday of the 9th group of the qualifiers EURO decided the French referee Delazo!

There was a reason bannerwhich the Romanian fans “picked up” and wrote “Kosovo is Serbia”but also how “Moldova is Romania”. At the same time, in Arena Nationala of Bucharest were heard dozens of passwords against Kosovo and in favor of Serbia! We remind you, Romania does not recognize Kosovo as a state.

So, at 18′, the referee stopped the fight, the necessary recommendations were made, while Romanian players approached the fans in the stadium, asking them to stop chanting and take down the banners. That didn’t happen and five minutes later, Delazo sent the players from both teams to the locker room.

Note that for at least half an hour the Romanians refused to take down the flags and consultations upon consultations were held as to the fate of the race. With a lot, they were convinced to take them down and the game resumed after 50 minutes, but with her warning that if there are new provocations, it will be permanently suspended at the expense of Romania.

Source: Sport Fm

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