Life without Levi Garcia: What does AEK do without its main forward


THE Levi Garcia everything shows that she will be absent from her derby AEK against Olympiakos next Sunday (21:30) due to the muscle injury he suffered in the first game against Antwerp. He didn’t even manage to train properly yesterday and now the chances of him being in the main squad are infinitesimal and in the squad are slim. What does “Union” do without its main striker?

Last season, the 25-year-old ace was absent from seven of his team’s total of 44 games, while he played in ALL six games with Olympiacos, scoring three goals. In the seven matches that the ace from Trinidad and Tobago missed, AEK coped quite well having six wins and one draw.

Levi Garcia had been absent, initially, from the 3-0 over Kifissia, in the replay for the “16” of the Cup, on January 11. He was on the bench without being used as a substitute.

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In the match for the 19th matchday of the Super League on January 22 against Ionian in Nice, where “Union” prevailed 2-1 with a reversal in the last minutes (82′ Vida, 92′ Tzumber).

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Three days later, on January 25, he disappeared from 3-1 away win over Panserraikos in the repeat quarter-final of the Cup.

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After the contusion he suffered in the match against Asteras Tripoli on February 25, Levia Garcia missed the away matches with OFI in Heraklion (0-3 with two goals by Amrabad and one by Gacinovic) and Fearless in Peristeri (0-1 with a goal by Zuber).

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He returned on March 12 obviously unprepared in the 1-3 loss to Olympiakos at Opap Arena playing the last 25 minutes, while on March 19 he also lost the derby of the first game of the playoffs in New Philadelphia. That one 0-0 against Panathinaikos it was the only game in which AEK had a loss last year without Levia Garcia in its composition.

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Last year’s match he lost was on May 8, with Aris in “Vikelidis” for the penultimate matchday of the playoffs, with AEK winning with a reversal 2-1 (23′ Van Weert, 43′ Zuber) and in combination with the defeat of Panathinaikos by Olympiakos embracing the championship.

Source: Sport Fm

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