Vezenkov: “Spanoulis is family – He taught me what it means to be a winner”


Although he now plays on the other side of the Atlantic, o Sasha Vezenkov made… a lightning trip to Athens from Sacramento to attend the gala in honor of Vassilis Spanoulis.

The Bulgarian forward idolized his former teammate in Piraeus, whom he described as “family”, while also talking about the great importance that “Kill Bill” had in his own career.

Vezenkov’s statements about Spanoulis:

On whether it’s a surprise it’s there: “We tried to keep it a secret, I couldn’t miss this event, Vassilis is family, we have maintained a very good relationship. I didn’t tell him either, I thank Olympiakos and I thank Sacramento for letting me be here at this beautiful event.”

On whether he learned anything from Spanoulis: “How hard he works, how hard he’s worked over the years. We were together for three years, I wish God deserved me if we were more. I learned what it means to be a winner, I learned how to approach being ready to be a winner, because in the end it also takes a little luck. But being prepared to be a winner, working hard and never giving up, was definitely one of the many things I learned alongside Vassilis.”

For the “7” in Sacramento: “Okay, Vassilis and I talk every day, I think it was something he would have liked. I also have a shirt for him and I’m definitely very happy to be here.”

Source: Sport Fm

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