The great night of Vassilis Spanoulis and the legendary shirt with No. 7 in the sky of SEF!


His big night Vasilis Spanoulis and Olympiakos has arrived!

Tonight (17/09, 20:00), h “red and white” KAE will honor the great “V Span” in a spectacular ceremony that will take place in the Stadium of Peace and Friendship, packed with thousands of friends of the team!

The man who changed the status and history of the Piraeus club and brought it back to the path of success in Greece and Europe, will see tonight the legendary jersey with No.7 on the back to ascend to the sky of the Falerian field and rest there… that’s it!

An evening that will undoubtedly be landmark in the club’s history, as this great cycle of Vassilis Spanoulis with the “red and whites” closes for good tonight, and indeed in the proper way. A cycle that began on July 11, 2010, when he signed for Olympiakos for the first time, and lasted for over eleven years.

Space in which Olympiacos lived the greatest moments of its modern history, with Vassilis Spanoulis leading him, among others, to those unforgettable ones back-to-back Euroleague wins in Istanbul and London in 2012 and 2013 respectively. At the same time, in these eleven years at the Port, “Kill Bill” added to his rich portfolio three Greek championships (2012, 2015, 2016), a Greek Cup (2011), but also the 2013 Intercontinental Cup.

However, his successes with the “red and white” shirt did not stop there, since in individual level won the title of MVP of the Euroleague in 2013, but also that of the top athlete in the Final Four of 2012 and 2013. In his career in Greece, he won the title of MVP of the league in 2012 and 2016, while in 2015-16 he was named and to the leader of the finals.

In a way, Olympiacos will honor him tonight perhaps a top basketball player who wore the jersey with the laurel-crowned teenager on the chest, on a night where KAE prepares a great and spectacular event in honor of the now 41-year-old coach. All week, the people of the team work feverishly on the preparations, with SEF wearing their “holiday clothes” in a celebration where there will be many surpriseswhile the “present” will be given by dignitaries from the sports field, to honor Vassilis Spanoulis with their presence.

Of course, except “The Night Of The Legend”tonight, Olympiacos will play a strong friendly game against its opponent Armani Milan. The two had faced each other two days ago at the auxiliary field of SEF, where the Greek doubles players had prevailed in a training game with score 60-59 in a three-quarter game, thanks to a buzzer beater three-pointer by Thomas Walkup.

At the end of the competition, George Bartzokas cannot count on the services of Shaquille McKissick and Nigel Williams-Goss who remain out with an injury problem, as of course in the runner-up of the recent World Cup with the jersey of the National Team of Serbia, Nikola Milutinovwho is on leave due to his obligations with his country’s representative group.

On the other hand, Armani Milano will have it too many and significant absencesafter traveling to Athens Meli, Tonout, Richie Law and Voigdman, who are on a few days leave after the Mundobasket, while the injured Diego Flacadori and Billy Baron also stayed in Italy.

Source: Sport Fm

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