The Celtics roster is “full” with Keta-The data for Mihailiuk and… Panathinaikos


The Celtics offered the last spot on their roster to Nemias Keta. The 24-year-old Portuguese center (2.13m), who was selected at number 39 in the 2021 draft, left the Kings and signed two-way contract with the Boston team.

Now the Celtics have completed both the two two-way contracts they have the right to give, as well as the 17 positions on their roster. They also include Svi Mikhailiukwho, however, has not signed a guaranteed contract.

The Ukrainian ace has signed one year partially guaranteed contract for a total of $2,346,614, however there are specific valves. If he is released in the preseason, then he will collect $200,000 and be free again. As long as he remains on the team when the NBA season begins on October 25, will secure 50% of the total contract, i.e. $1,173,307. If he stays in the group and doesn’t leave before them January 7will get the full amount of the original contract.

The future of the international ace in Boston will depend, initially, on his presence in preparation and in the five friendlies that the Celtics will give from October 8 to 19.

THE Panathinaikos he has not closed the door on Mihailiuk, who can compete in positions “3” and “2”. As long as the Ukrainian does not stay in the NBA, it is very possible that the “greens” will come back, if of course they have not made another addition to this position by then.

The Celtics roster

G/F — Dalano Bandon 2.01m 93 kg

F 12 Osei Brisset 2.01m 95kg

G 13 Malcolm Brogdon 1.93m 104kg

G/F 7 Jaylen Brown 1.98m 101kg

G 20 Jay Dee Davison (two-way) 1.85 m 88kg

F 30 Sam Hauser 2.01m 98 kg

F/C 42 Al Horford 2.06m 109 kg

F/C 40 Luc Cornet 2.18 m 113 kg

F — Svi Mikhailiuk 2.01m 93 kg

F/C 8 Kristaps Porzingis 2.21 m 109 kg

G 11 Peyton Pritchard 1.85m 88kg

G/F — Jay Scrubb (two-way) 1.96m 100kg

F 0 Jayson Tatum 2.03m 95kg

G/F 27 Jordan Walsh 2.01m 93 kg

G 9 Derrick White 1.93m 86kg

F/C 44 Robert Williams 2.06m 108 kg

C — Nemias Keta (two-way) 2.13m 111kg

Source: Sport Fm

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