Spanoulis in the Euroleague: “The love with Olympiacos is real”


THE Vassilis Spanoulis talk to Euroleague on the occasion of his award today from Olympic. He referred to the bonds of love he developed with the club, said he was full of basketball and determined to become just as great as a coach, without … rushing to work on a Euroleague bench. In detail, Kill Bill talked about:

-the price from Olympiakos: “It’s something special for me. I want to thank Olympiakos, the management, the presidents and all the people who worked hard for months to make this happen. It’s an incredible honor and I’m proud of this moment. I will try to keep calm and not get emotional, enjoy it and thank those who will be at this celebration. I have a lot of respect for everyone.”

-his career: “I always say I don’t want to mention what I did when I was playing. I made my dreams come true and maybe more. I worked really hard to succeed and I didn’t do it alone. It’s a team sport and I’ve always had great coaches, teammates and people around the team who have helped me show my talent.”

-how much the Euroleague helped him: “The Euroleague is the biggest competition, the best players play and the competition is very big. When you play with the best you can improve, it helped me a lot to get better.”

– the relationship with Olympiakos: “I’m thankful. I never thought that there could be such a bond as mine with the presidents, with the people and friends of Olympiakos. It’s something incredible, it’s real love and not fake, it comes from the heart. It will stay forever and it didn’t come overnight. Every partnership takes time to gain respect and appreciation, but once it was done it was so strong that it stayed forever.”

-the fact that players like Doncic and Antetokounmpo have called him a role model: “I feel great, especially when we talk about great players like Lukas and Giannis, who are among the best in the world. This inspiration that I give to some, big players or even small children, is above all for me, more than the titles. I’ve always been myself, I’ve never tried to pretend to be someone else, I’ve always worked hard to be the best version of myself.”

-what does he miss most: “I don’t miss it, because I’m full of basketball. I won everything and gave everything to basketball. When I watch Final 4 and big games, I definitely remember all that creative stress. That will never change. I don’t miss playing basketball, now I’m trying to be the best I can be as a coach and that’s where I focus.”

-the Euroleague legacy: “I won a lot from the Euroleague, a very well organized competition, with big stadiums, big players and I played at the highest level improving my game. Just to be considered a milestone in EuroLeague history is something that makes me proud. I’ve always aimed to be one of the top and I feel like I belong there.”

-whether he is thinking of working in the Euroleague as a coach: “Not at the moment. I am focused on Peristeri bwin. When you are in your bed you dream. I have goals and ambitions, I’m that kind of person, but I’m in no rush. I’m waiting for my moment and working as hard as possible in my new role to become a really good coach and help my team succeed.”

Source: Sport Fm

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