Nikologiannis: “Over 50 thousand in OAKA with Villarreal”


His report Panathinaikou in the wake of the 5-0 with Panetolico and in view of her Villarreal gave News Bulletin 247 o Tasos Nikologiannis.

Regarding the match in Agrinio, he commented: “It was a game that Panathinaikos had very comfortably. It also has to do with the bad situation of Panaitolikos. Panathinaikos found the opponent’s weaknesses and unlocked them. In the second half, the only interest was what the score would be.”

For Bernard and Ioannidishe said: “Bernard is much better this year. When he came from Saudi Arabia he needed adjustment, our league is better than that, with different rhythms. The competition with Djuricic increased, that also played a role. Ioannidis is in a terrible situation, he has great moves outside the area, he passes the defenders very easily. In Agrinio, he participated in almost all of Panathinaikos’ goals.”

Regarding the differences compared to last year, he pointed out: “There is tremendous pluralism. There are many European games, everyone will play, even those who have not played before. Panathinaikos is taking things from everyone compared to last year. He plays with the same lineup and plays better. It also has a very good atmosphere, Sporar won a penalty and gave it to Aitor because he needed it.”

Finally, he commented on the tickets, stressing that OAKA is expected against Villarreal to be almost full, with 50 to 55 thousand fans showing up to support Panathinaikos.

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Source: Sport Fm

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