“Killed” AEK in… stoppage time and Olympiacos lifted the Super Cup!


Olympiacos “beat” AEK in the final with Savva’s buzzer beater in the last second of extra time and won the handball Super Cup (25-26)!

The “red and whites” took a very important lead, after leading by four goals in the 44th minute (16-20), but ultimately lost it, with the “Union” increasing its performance and sending the game to extra time.

There, the Peraiotes were the ones who managed to find the winning goal in the final and claim the first title of the year. Excellent performance from Madalinitch and Sliskovic with eight and nine goals in total, with the latter showing that he will be a very important unit for the whole of Nikos Grammatikos.

The match

The two teams entered the game very strongly, with Olympiakos taking a 5-3 lead in the 9th minute, with Sliskovic and Savva starring and AEK having two goals with Lemos. “Union” immediately equalized at 5-5, while in the next five minutes no goals were scored. The players of Alexis Albanos reached the 7-5 in the 19th minute with two goals by Madalinic, with the “red and whites” reducing to 8-7 a little later.

In fact, the Piraeus team achieved the upset again a little later (9-10), with Papavasili to come forward and score some important goals for his team. The Grammar side managed to hold on to this lead until half-time, with both teams going into the break with 13-11 in favor of Olympiakos.

The “red and white” entered the second half very strongly and quickly reached 15-11 with goals from Sliskovic and Montoro. AEK immediately reduced to 15-13 with two goals from him Liapi, with Sliskovic making it 16-13. Afterwards, Olympiacos took advantage of the “Union’s” failure and they reached the 20-16 in the 44th minute. AEK reduced to 21-18 with Martinovic, while the same player made the 22-20 shortly after, putting his team back into the game.

In the following minutes, no goal was scored, with the “yellow and black” making it 22-21 with Madalinitch and reduce to the goal. In fact, the Albanian players played very good defense and managed to draw the match (22-22) at 27′ with Komarzewski. This was also the score of regular time, with the game going to overtime.

There, the two teams each scored a penalty for the 23-23, where this was also the score of the first five minutes of extra time, as the defenses were excellent thereafter.

In the second half, the game was more open, with both teams tied at 25-25. However, at the last -literally- second, o Saturday beat Matskevich and did it 26-25, giving the Super Cup to Olympiakos!

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