Demis: “Panathinaikos is the best this year – I am not impressed by Bernard’s performance”


The imposing passage (0-5) of Panathinaikos from the seat of Panaitolikos, commented on Demis Nikolaidis on his NOVA show.

The veteran ace stood at more solutions that the “greens” have this year – something that, as he explained, makes them better ones– stressing that when they don’t play terribly and score five goals, that’s when their situation shows. Underline, don’t you, that Ivan Jovanovic’s team is 100% champion and even.

From there, he also mentioned on an individual level, noting that he is not impressed by him Bernard (s.s. the Brazilian made a hat-trick), since he expected better this year, while also praising his complex game Ioannidis.

Panathinaikos was not that sweeping, they did not have a good opponent. I have not understood what kind of football Panaitolikos plays. After 1-0 as if the match was over. After the 2-0 he comfortably did maintenance. I’m not impressed with Bernard’s performance, I expected him to be much better this year. Last year he had an appetite, but he couldn’t get the match. Ioannidis’ game is complex, it is not predictable, I am happy about his development.

Easy victory from Panathinaikos, he did not have a serious, good opponent. He won it exactly as he wanted, doing maintenance in front of Villarreal and AEK. He managed the match very well. When he’s not playing terribly and scoring five goals, he shows the state of Panathinaikos. He didn’t have to play in the red. This year he has more solutions and that makes him better. Now, Panathinaikos is 100% champion and even“, said Demis, among other things.

Source: Sport Fm

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