Feyenoord threw a party in the derby with Ajax and it… led to an interruption


Sad events in Klassieker between the Ajax and the Feyenoord and final stop!

Her rival AEK in the Europa League it was disappointing in the first half, after finding themselves 3-0 behind at home and in the 55th minute came the stoppage for the third time due to another throwing of flares by Ayanda fans, leaving the referee with no other choice from the inglorious end of the match.

Initially, the match was stopped after his two goals Santiago Jimenez at 9′ and 18′, with his fans Ajax to throw objects and the first outage lasted for about eight minutes.

Then the match continued and Feyenoord who dominated scored a third goal through Igor Paisao, which brought absolute chaos to the stands, with Ajax fans throwing flares onto the pitch. The second stoppage lasted 15 minutes and despite the intensity of the episodes, the match resumed.

However, in the 55th minute flares and objects fell for the second time, a development which under Dutch regulation means an automatic final stoppage, unless a safety issue arises. The referee of the derby contacted the Federation and both teams, as a result of which he decided a few minutes later to stop the match for good.

In fact, according to the latest information, the episodes have continued off the field, with his people Ajax to wait for the management and the players after the disappointing picture in the derby and in general at the start of this season.

Source: Sport Fm

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