PAOK’s big double in Ioannina with… the magical Constantelia and Zivkovic!


Huge victory in Ioannina and from triara to triara o PAOK with the quality of Constantia and Zivkovic!

The “double head of the North” prevailed with his 3-1 PAS Ioannina at “Zosimades” in the context of its 5th matchday Stoiximan Super League and picked up where he left off…against Helsinki in Finland, ending the first “devil’s week” in the best way.

The “black and white” had a great day Constantia who scored two goals, the Tyson which was a permanent source of danger, while o Zivkovic -which passed as a change- achieved an amazing goal that “locked” the victory for the Thessalonians. The goal for the home team was scored by Pamlidis.

He didn’t pay Lucescu the decision for an extended rotation with eight changes, in relation to the match against Helsinki, although his suspension function had many issues and showed at certain points of the match – especially in the first half and at the beginning of the second – to… wander .

In the minds of the coaches:

THE Thanasis Staikos down PAS Ioannina with four changes in the lineup, compared to the match against Asteras Tripoli. THE Clayman remained under the posts, while the four in defense consisted of Soria, Eramuspe, Pantelakis and Kiako. Gino took their place in the midfield, Garo and Liassos and in the attack the Roseros, Pamlidis and Balan.

On the other hand, Mr Razvan Lucescu proceeded to an extensive rotation in relation to the players who competed against the Helsinki for the premiere of the Europa Conference League. THE Kotarsky he didn’t make the starting line-up, but the defense was almost different with Vieirania, Kenziora, Nasberg and Rafa Soares. After the derby with Aris, Ozdoev and Meitewhile a place in the basic format behind Brandon Thomas was taken by DespodovTyson and Constantelias.

The match:

In the first minutes of the game, PAOK had possession and was lucky to take the lead in the 4th minute after Kleiman’s huge mistake. The goalkeeper of PAS, in his attempt to volley, sent the ball over Tomas, who tried to spoil his field of vision, it ended up in Constantia and undisturbed with an empty goal he sent the ball into the net for 1-0.

The “black and white” having psychology on their side, tried to threaten, but their decisions in the last third were not the best possible. In the 9th minute, a shot by him Rafa Soares passed out, in the 15th minute Tyson came out quickly on the counter but his shot Ozdoev he found the bodies and ended up with a corner, Nasberg’s header in the 23rd minute did not threaten and in general, the “two-headed man of the North” wasted the time that PAS was trying to… recover after the goal he conceded.

Thus, the hosts managed to take measures and in the 24th minute they threatened with conditions for the first time with his shot Liasu, which Kotarski chased away with an overdrive in the corner. In fact, the set-piece led to a goal for PAS as Soria executed it at the first post, Meite missed the step, resulting in Pamlidis with a close header to bring the game into balance and make it 1-1.

It is worth emphasizing that the guests conceded a goal that was similar to the one they fell behind in the score against Helsinki. A set ball, a header from an unguarded player and in general a wrong reaction in the blocking function.

The team from Ioannina pushed for a second goal and missed classic opportunities, taking advantage of PAOK’s defense, which was… floundering. In the 27th minute, his header Eramuspe went a little out, while in the 29th Pamlidis made a nice shot just outside the area, which was blocked by Kotarski.

Nevertheless, the “two-headed man of the North” has the quality to react immediately and he did so with his magical energy Yannis Constantelia. In particular, in the 33rd minute, the Thessalonikians came out brilliantly and quickly on the counter, the 20-year-old guided the ball as he should and just outside the area he made a great pass that ended up in Kleiman’s net for 2-1.

Then and until the end of the first part, both teams had a good phase. In the 38th Balan undisturbed he headed from inside the area but the ball went wide in the 42nd minute Despodov he made a very nice individual effort, however, his shot found the Eramuspe and left for a corner.

In the second half, the home team came on very strong and on two occasions drew 2-2! In the 47th Pamlidis he crossed and Kenziora almost sent the ball into his team’s net with his attempted clearance, while a minute later the header of the undisturbed Eramuspe passed out.

From that point and for about 20 minutes the pace of the match dropped significantly, the changes affected the game of both teams, with PAOK benefiting from all this, since the arrival of the Sastres, Swab and Koulieraki made his inhibitory function more “tight”.

In fact, in the 77th minute, the visitors “sealed” the three points of victory, when Samata received the ball and passed it to Živković, who with a magical left-footed finish sent the ball into the net for 3-1! After the goal, a conflict followed, as the Serb celebrated in front of the PAS fans and showed that he doesn’t… listen to them, with the home team’s players reacting and asking for the reason.

The match had nothing else of note until its conclusion, o PAOK was not threatened and came away with a huge victory from the “Zosimades”, a few days after the “double” in Finland against Helsinki for the Europa Conference League groups.

MVP: THE Yannis Constantelias with the two goals he scores, but also with his overall competitive contribution, which was decisive for PAOK to leave the home of PAS Ioannina with the three points of victory.

The whistle: He didn’t have a difficult time Evangeloualthough there are voices on both sides, with his decisions not affecting the outcome and data of the game.

PAS Ioannina (Thanasis Staikos): Kleiman, Soria, Pantelakis, Eramouspe, Kiakos, Liassos, Gino (82′ Bilbao), Pamlidis, Garo (74′ Lolis), Rosero, Balan (62′ Conte).

PAOK (Razvan Lucescu): Kotarski, Vieirinia (75′ Sastre), Kenziora (61′ Koulierakis), Nasburg, Rafa Soares, Meite (58′ Schwab), Ozdoev, Tyson, Constantelias, Despodov (58′ A. Zivkovic), Brandon (75′ Samata).

Referee: Evangelou Angelos

Assistants: Andreas Meidanas, Ioannis Karagizopoulos

4th: Stavros Tsimenteridis

VAR: Fotias Evangelos

Source: Sport Fm

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