Lucescu on Constantelia: Wait, he needs time to manage the pressure he is under


Razvan Loutsescu spoke about the pressure that Yiannis Constantelias is under, after PAOK’s victory over PAS in Ioannina.

In detail, what he said to the Nova camera:

For his reaction “I was mad because we didn’t handle some situations well, we made mistakes and didn’t manage the ball properly in places that PAS could take advantage of, which is a very good team. We could manage some balls better and the game in general.

I’m very pleased with the team, don’t think the reaction was anything different. Especially after the game in Helsinki, the different stadium and the journey here. I was pushing them because I wanted to keep our concentration. It could be 3-2 and we have the team pushing until the end.”

For the evolution of Constantelia: “Wait, wait. Between a player and the coach we don’t need to create situations. He needs time to be able to disrupt the balance of the opponent effectively and manage the pressure he receives in this situation. In the end I told him that although he was very good, the best was Nasber. We had a different conversation before Helsinki, but it’s a situation that needs time in general.”

Source: Sport Fm

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