Eugeniou: “They didn’t want Heracles in the category – They have circumvented the law for other teams”


Stratos Evgeniou was revealing and straightforward in an interview he gave to a Thessaloniki radio station.

The president of Heracles, speaking to Metropolis, on the occasion of the rejection of the appeal for the reopening of the case, Mara, which may leave the team out of Super League 2, spoke of targeting the club, stressed that it is not possible to pay the debt all at once to the Romanian and revealed that there is interest in the team.


“It was a withdrawal request. We knew from the beginning that it was difficult to impossible to get justice. We relied on the fact that the way it was unmasked was strange. It was not rejected on the grounds of argument, but on formal grounds that it was signed by the lawyer and not by the president. They have examined many others in the same way.

The situation was such that Hercules would be vindicated. I believe that they did not want Heracles to be vindicated. I believe it a million percent that they didn’t want Hercules in the category” he said first and continued: “It is not possible that they have not taken action against AE Pontion, Tom Papadopoulos and are claiming the money now, two VAT numbers later. When the decision came out with the football player Papadopoulos, we won the same court. PAE was vindicated in one and the player in the other. They looked to see which is the biggest debt to embarrass the team.

The law has been circumvented many times in the past for other groups. I was clear from the beginning. I can’t take over old debts. General Secretary Heraklis has undertaken to negotiate with Mr. Panagopoulos and we are waiting.”

He emphasized that: “The TIN that is created is liable for 50 percent of the previous TIN. I should not have entered into any negotiation, if an identification had to be made before I cannot answer it, others must answer it.

It’s definitely not worth the money it sounds like. I can’t deal with it, but even if I could I don’t have the mood to deal with it. Doses are something that will be looked into.. They must want you, first of all… I didn’t say they don’t want me. It’s just that some things need to be reviewed. The demands on Iraklis are many, but with so many things off the field, you can’t put the burden on the playing field.

The point is to secure your own tomorrow. When there is a big question mark, what to do? Make a budget of millions to go where… When some things are not guaranteed, what to do? There is interest in the team, but everyone wants it to be something clean.”

While he concluded by saying: “If an end is not found between the lawyer and the AS, it will be seen what will happen. It is not possible to pay this debt. It’s not a matter of bluffing.

Sakis Tsiolis tries beyond his powers, he is also an excellent person, in addition to being a good coach. We were the same in Triglia, the same in Iraklis. If Heracles goes up to Super League 1 it will be able to be maintained comfortably with whoever has a president. In Super League 2, a league has started without being certain whether we will have a television contract, while we do not know what the percentage for the bet will be.”

Source: Sport Fm

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