Tsokanis: “We have been without drinking water for 20 days in Volos, we bathed in bottled water”


Statements about what has been happening in the last few weeks in his city Volos, due to the bad weather, granted o Tasos Tsokanis.

Speaking to Metropolis, the leader of the group of the same name emphasized, among other things, how “there are 20 days without drinking water in Volos, we bathed in bottled water.”

His statements in detail:

On how he experienced these days: “We are in Thessaloniki, because by no means could we return to the city of Volos due to the extraordinary weather conditions. Our relatives are in Volos, they are there, they are all in good health, but it is sad that all this is happening and that people and properties are being destroyed. There is no electricity, water, nothing, I hope this never happens again to any human being.”

For the previous disasters suffered by the city of Volos: “We experienced it again, our minds are with our fellow human beings and because we experienced it again, the point is that everything goes well and that the city can enter through patience into normal rhythms of life. The rain started at 18:00 when we entered the playing field, at that time the electricity and the water were cut off and until today, neither one nor the other has been restored.”

As to whether the necessary works had been done: “Works had been carried out. It was as if you had opened the hose and poured water, it was the first time I experienced it and saw such weather phenomena, whatever happened it was inevitable that there would be this development”.

For the existing conditions: “There are 20 days without drinking water, while in the first week we couldn’t even take a bath and only drank bottled water. There were lines on the sidewalks to get a little water, we players were unloading water from helicopters.”

Source: Sport Fm

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