Olympiakos-Panathinaikos: First derby of the season against the backdrop of the Super Cup


Everything is ready for the first “eternal” derby of the season!

Olympic and Panathinaikos they face each other in the Super Cup final (20:30, ERT3), with the sole aim of winning the first title of the season, which may not be the most… popular, but that doesn’t matter!

The “red and white” won 84-64 with typical ease Pigeon bwin, showing that despite the departures of important units, their chemistry, especially in defense, has not been lost. The “greens”, on the other hand, struggled for a half, but they too eventually dominated PAOK by 77-64.

This match finds Olympiakos counting 16 wins in the last 17 matches with Panathinaikos, with the only defeat in Game 2 of the last Basket League finals. However, the “clover” enters the season with a different aura, after the many high-profile signings he made, so he aims to win to… warm up his world and prove that he is coming back.

As far as racing is concerned, George Bartzokas he has no problem to manage, apart from the given absence of a foreigner, who will probably be again the Shaquille McKissickas in the semi-final, unless there is some surprise.

On the other hand, Mr Ergin Ataman he certainly won’t have him at his disposal Dino Mitoglou, who suffered a bruised left gastrocnemius and will be out for about 3 weeks. It is also doubtful Ioannis Papapetrou, who did not play in the semifinal due to knee problems. Finally, a foreigner should also be “cut”. Against PAOK, he was the Olek Balcherovskybut maybe the Turkish coach will choose something different for the final.

In this particular event, which has only been organized for 4 more years, Olympic and Panathinaikos they have met in the final just once, last season. The “red and white” then prevailed with a score of 67-52 and won the title.

The Super Cup schedule:

Friday, September 29

Peristeri bwin – Olympiacos 64-84

PAOK mateco – Panathinaikos 64-77

Saturday, September 30

17:00: PAOK – Peristeri bwin (ERT3)

20:30: Olympiacos – Panathinaikos (ERT3)

Source: Sport Fm

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