The goalkeeper of Vaalwijk is in serious condition after a collision with an Ajax player!


Bad is the manta from the Netherlandswhere the showdown of Waalwijk by Ajax has been permanently discontinued few minutes before 90 after serious injury to the goalkeeper of the home team, Etienne Faesen with an opponent!

The 28-year-old goalkeeper came out to block Brombay’s effort and after conflict with him, he remained fallen to the ground.

His teammates immediately realized something was wrong and called their team’s medical staff, who rushed to the Dutch goalkeeper’s side.

Local media report that a defibrillator was used before Faesen was carried off the pitch on a stretcher.

Over the stadium’s loudspeakers, it was announced that the match was being stopped, with the announcer saying: “Ladies and gentlemen, you saw what happened. The Waalwijk players are so affected that it has been decided to stop the match.”

For the time being, there are no updates on his condition, with many Eredivisie teams sending messages of support to the footballer, his family and his club.

It is noted that the match was stopped in the 84th minute, with “Aianda” leading 3-2 at that time.

Source: Sport Fm

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