On 6/10 the documentary “100 Years of Fearless”


On Friday (6/10) the historical documentary “100 Years of Fearless” is released at the cinema “PHIVOS”, where it will be shown every Saturday and Sunday. The Peristeri team honors its history in this way.

The announcement:

“100 Years of Fearless”, a football documentary about the City and the Shirt, premieres on the big screen on Friday (6/10, 19:23). The documentary will be screened at the historical cinema “PHIVOS” (Eth. Antistaseos 3, Peristeri) every Saturday and Sunday.


Atromitos Athens was created by Asia Minor refugees, who settled in the small district of Peristeri, on May 31, 1923. In the football documentary “100 Years of Atromitos” we will all be passengers on the journey of the creation of the club from its foundation until today.

A journey through time for the most important moments, for the unknown aspects and for the persons who loved Atromitos and played an important role in the development of the idea.

The City and the Jersey two words that unite the Dove and the Fearless completed a century of existence and together they will continue to march through time fighting for a better future like those who created them.


direction – cinematography – editing: Christos Karteris

research – narrative texts: Akis Lignos

editor-in-chief: Makis Stathatos, Akis Lignos, Kyriakos Damadakis

narrators: Dafni, Makis Stathatos, Kyriakos Damadakis

music: Blue Peaks

documentary team: Akis, Alexis, Angelos, Emilios, Vikentios, Giannis, George, Daphne, Kyriakos, Makis, Nikolas, Nikos, Panagiotis, Pavlos, Christos

About five years ago, a director from Peristeria and a fan of Atromitos, expressed the idea for the creation of the documentary “100 Years of Atromitos”.

Immediately the FENTAGIN fan association responded and supported the challenge. With coordinated actions, a group of people was created from Peristerio fans and fans whose purpose was to research the history of the team and of the city.

We have decided that the production and execution of the documentary will be an independent and self-financed effort by us the Fans and Fans of ATROMITOS. Bowing our heads to the greatness of 100 years, we operated methodically, with selflessness and vision in order to honor the past and learn the “future”.

Even the original music of the documentary is made exclusively by a Peristerian composer.

Our characteristic element is the pure romantic relationship of Fan – Team – City. This diversity brought the documentary team together. He made us all feel like company, Friends and Family. To dream of the moment when we will share our effort for the common goal… the Fearless.

Our purpose is to awaken consciousness and for the documentary “100 Years of Fearless” to be a legacy for the City and the world of the Group.

A century of Fearless. For our City and our Jersey.

Source: Sport Fm

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