Match between Panathinaikos and Olympiakos in A1 women’s table tennis


Ping-pong fans will be waiting with lively interest again this year for the matches between Olympiakos and Panathinaikos, which, in fact, will logically be more than two in A1 men’s and A1 women’s, as there will also be playoffs. The two leading associations concern the main news from the draws of E.F.O.E.P.A.

In the A1 National women’s division, the Panathinaikos-Olympiakos match for the first round took place in the opening matchday on November 11. The match will take place at SEF, while the first two days of the championship (11-12/11) will also have matches in Florina with the “hosts” Sarises, also very strong in the competition.

In the A1 national men’s category, not only Attica will host the derbies of the “eternal”. The first Panathinaikos-Olympiakos match was set for SEF on December 12, 2023 and for the fifth matchday and Olympiacos-Panathinaikos in Thessaloniki on January 27th, 2024 for the ninth matchday.

Olympiacos, which we remind you has agreed this year with the German Dimitri Ovcharov, two-time European men’s singles champion and World Cup holder, and Panathinaikos with Emmanuel Lebesson, European champion in the same event in 2016.

In the top national men’s category, the action of the first two days of competition will also be “shared” in two cities. On 11 and 12/11 four teams will be in SEF (among them OEA Rethymno and AEK, which they acquired from two foreigners in the summer, but also Aris Nikias, who, among others, came to an agreement with the legendary Kallinikos Kreanga, but also a Polish athlete) and another four in Thessaloniki (among them the neophyte, but ambitious local OEA, which is being strengthened again this year with great foreign athletes).

The program of the first competition weekend, as stated on the website of the Federation:

In Athens:

OEA Rethymno-AEK

Aris Nikias-Olympiakos

Olympiacos-OEA Rethymno

AEK-Aris Nikias

OEA Rethymnon-Aris Nikaia


In Thessaloniki:

OEA Thessaloniki-AO Tataula

Panathinaikos-Pera Athens

Panathinaikos-AO Tataula

Pera Athens-EA Thessaloniki-

OEA Thessaloniki-Panathinaikos

AO Tataula-Pera Athens

In the first women’s National category, the first three matches will take place in SEF and in Florina, while in the total of five two days of the two rounds, matches will also be held in Thessaloniki. Panathinaikos and Olympiacos will start in Athens and for the second round they will meet in the same city for the tenth matchday.

Sarises, who took second place last year, will face Olympiakos in the fourth game and Panathinaikos in the eighth, at the end of the first round.

AEK, which acquired three foreigners in transfers, will not quickly meet Panathinaikos and Olympiakos, as they will be in Florina in November. He will face them in the second race weekend in Athens.

The schedule of the first race weekend:

In Athens:

Pera Athens-GAO Piraeus


Panathinaikos-GAO Piraeus

Olympiacos-Pera Athens

Pera Athens-Panathinaikos

GAO Piraeus-Olympiakos

In Florina:


ASEA Sarises Florina-HAN Thessaloniki

HAN Thessaloniki-ASEA Kavala

AEK-ASEA Sarises Florina-

ASEA Kavala-ASEA Sarises Florina

HAN Thessaloniki-AEK

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