Beckham: “I wouldn’t have achieved so many things if I didn’t have Ferguson and my father”


He spoke about his career, but also about many other interesting topics in an interview with Marca, on the occasion of the documentary “Beckham” that will be shown on Netflix, David Beckham.

Among other things, he emphasized that he would not have been successful in his career if he had not had such tough people by his side, such as Sir Alex Ferguson and his father. At the same time, he noted that starting a family is his greatest success.

In detail what he said:

“It was the right time to do this. This year will mark 10 years since I retired and to be honest, I’ve always thought about making a documentary about my life at some point. It’s an interesting story because it’s not only about my football career, but also about my family. It’s about being married to a Spice Girl and my journey. It was interesting because I’ve been revising my whole life. It was a rollercoaster of emotions. But it was special to do it. I wanted to give access to certain aspects of my life and everyday life. I am a normal father and a normal husband.

I take my children to school, make them dinner and breakfast. When we got to the end of the first two episodes, Victoria and I looked at each other and said in unison “We were so cute when we met!” And then, we were like, “God, we’re exhausted” after looking at our lives for the last 20 years.

“Everyone knows what football means to me. I’ve never looked back or reflected on past struggles or the things I’ve won. This tells how they grew up as Manchester United players. It’s something Sir Alex Ferguson always said: enjoy the moment, but then we’ll start again. And I think I’ve been like that my whole career. I never had time to sit and watch the games and the goals and think about the most important moments.

I don’t regret anything. There’s not a moment I regret. There is not a single moment where I feel like I should have done something different, because I have tried to live my life in a way that I have no regrets. Yes, I have made mistakes. Everyone knows the mistakes I’ve made. In ’98 they gave me the red card. Do I wish it had never happened? Of course. Now I know why it happened? Of course. It happened for a reason, to make me stronger as a player, as a person and maybe to have a better and more successful career. That’s why that moment happened. I dont regret. I wish it had never happened. I am proud of my family. This is what surpasses everything. I am proud to have an amazing wife, amazing children, amazing in-laws, sisters, etc.

I am almost as proud of my career as I am of my family because I was able to live my dream of becoming a professional soccer player and playing for the team I loved. As a child I loved Manchester United, I always wanted to play for this team, my father was a United fan. That’s how I was able to live my dream, but also my father’s dream. Then I played for my country, captained my country, took them to two World Cups and played in three World Cups myself. I guess if I had to say I miss something, it would be winning something with England. For me it would be the icing on the cake. But I’m not complaining about what I’ve achieved.

My father would give me a slap in the arm if I was different from who I am, and I have tried to be that way with my children. The only thing I want with my children is for them to be humble, kind, grateful and respectful. This is the most important thing for me. I’ve been lucky enough to experience incredible things in my life and career, but nothing that would change me as a person. And that comes from my upbringing. My family and my marriage are my greatest achievements.

Especially considering what worlds Victoria and I come from. We grew up just 15 minutes away from London. But since I was a professional footballer for Manchester United and my wife was a Spice Girl, when our worlds came together, everything exploded on all levels. I fell in love with a pop star and she fell in love with a football player. To be together after all these years and have the amazing family that we have, the careers that we have, I guess it shows how strong we are as individuals and as a couple, because marriages and families are never easy. I guess it shows how in love we are. This is family and this is my greatest success.”

Source: Sport Fm

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