Fans at AEL training: “There are no excuses, take your responsibilities”


On Monday (2/10), fans of the Larissa team were at the training center of AEL.

Subsequently, they issued a relevant announcement, which is jointly signed by Monsters 1982 and Door 1in which they also underlined what they conveyed to AEL’s staff, which they called upon to assume their responsibilities.

It is recalled that on Tuesday (3/10) the Thessalonians – a few days after the defeat (3-0) by AEK B’– announced the acceptance of the resignation of Panagiotis Goutsidis and that they will proceed with sweeping changes.

The post of AEL organizers:

Today, a delegation of AEL fans was at the training center due to yesterday’s image, which was definitely not an image of a team claiming promotion. Our love for AEL has taught us one thing very well, whoever plays with the horse in his chest must enter the stadium and make the jersey bloody. This is exactly what we wanted to remind in our visit today. We will not allow anyone to insult the history of AEL and its world. Take your responsibilities now while it’s early. We will be in our position helping the team as we have proven. There are no excuses. AEL should be where it deserves to be…»

Source: Sport Fm

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