Cerin: “This team has taken Panathinaikos to a higher level – We can win the championship”


The goals and high potential of Panathinaikos, as well as his path to the “greens”, was mentioned by Adam Cherin speaking in Medium of his native country.

This team has taken the club to a higher level“, he emphasized, among other things, in “24ur.com” for his creation Ivan Jovanovich the Slovenian midfielder.

Life here is great and the quality of life is at the highest level. We have everything to live peacefully and enjoy it, but at the same time we work hard.

It is a specific environment where the fans are passionate. The support we have is huge and we feel it everywhere we go. Every footballer wants to play in front of such fans. We feel like real footballers here, I am very satisfied“, Cherin originally had.

Afterwards, he stood at good European start of the “clover” and set as the championship is an achievable goal.

We don’t have a win in two derbies, but the important thing is that we collect points in the other games. In the end, the championship is not decided in derbies, but in the smallest matches. Sooner or later we will find our rhythm in derbies as well.

A good start in Europe is also important, as is a win over them for example Villarreal. The same applies to the Israel vs Maccabi Haifa. With the three points we will be very close to qualifying.

We were very close to the Champions League groups. Every team and every player dreams of the Champions League. In the end, we are satisfied that we are in the Europa League groups, if you consider that for years Panathinaikos did not participate in European competitions.

This team has taken the club to a higher level, something we should be proud of. The Europa League is also a very strong competition where big teams participate. For example Villarreal which we beat. The goal is to move forward.

We also have high hopes for the championship. Last year we were very close, but we have forgotten that it happened. The important thing is to focus on the ongoing championship. Our goal should be to conquer it. That’s why we fight with the team we have we can achieve him.

This year two more Serbs and one Croat joined the team. There is a great atmosphere in the locker room. We get along great not only with the Slovenians and the Balkans, but also with the rest of the players“, added the 24-year-old ace.

Source: Sport Fm

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